21 Most Offensive Donald Trump Merchandise

Donald Trump is controversial and offensive. He creates merchandises that throw people under the bus. That is how he got elected. Some of his most offensive merchandises are on this list.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

21. The Donald

Welcome, America, to the realm of Donald Trump!

20. Make America Great Again

The legendary cap has gone into history. This cap is Trump's brand.

19. Women for Trump T-shirt

Women are not for Trump. They are for themselves.

18. I lubricate my guns with liberty tears

It is funnily sarcastic and offensive at the same time. Liberal tears and guns.

17. Legal Immigration or Illegal Immigration

Racist to immigrants is unacceptable. Is one illegal or legal? It does not matter because Trump doesn't care.

16. Bomb The Hell Out Of ISIS Sticker

A man insecure about his fidgety hand claims to bomb the hell out of ISIS. Killing innocent citizen and causing a world war is not wise, Trump.

15. Killary for prison 2016

This shirt is insulting. Although there are rumors, it is not moral to name Killary and put her in prison.

14. Liberal Guns Beer and Tits

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender is not for anyone to insult, Trump supporters.

13. Fuck Islam Trump Campaign

There is a designed shirt for his Islam phobia. Wearing a shirt swearing an entire is not moral.

12. Gun Owners for Trump

I find owning guns policy offensive and unreasonable. Crime rate will rise.

11. But what size?

The panties said it all.

10. The Feminist Mugs

This is an insult to feminists.

9. Hillary Sucks

Discrimination between women...

8. Direct Offense T-shirts

These are multiple insulting products merchandised by Mr. Donald Trump. I don't know why people even buy these degrading items.

7. "KFC Hillary Special"

The insulting sarcasm is horrible, but it is funny at the same time.

6. The Trump Walls Racist Shirt

The legendary Trump Walls. I hope it will never be built.

5. Hillary In Prison Dummy

This is the most insulting object I have ever seen in my life. Moreover, Hillary is a presidential candidate. Absolutely immoral.

4. "Obama you're fired" cap

Obama is loved and revered throughout his terms. He is not fired...

3. "Life is a Bitch. Don't vote for one" badge

He officially call someone a bitch. Shame on you.

2. Hillary For Prison T-shirts

He will put her in prison. This time with an imagery figure.

1. Trump "Political Prophylactics" Condoms

I'm not sure if advertising himself and his candidates with condoms is the best idea ever. I do appreciate his offensive attempt, though. No.1 on this list - condoms.

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