29 Must Do Things In England

From the beautiful to the just plain fun, we rank the things you absolutely must do when visiting merry old England.

29. Ride a double decker bus

England is very well known for its double decker buses, so of course you'd want to take a tour of London in one.

28. See the Orkney Monuments

These Scottish structures are believed to be even older than Stonehenge.

27. Walk along Hadrian's Wall

People come from all over to walk along Hadrian's Wall on foot. It was once used as a defensive structure by the Roman Empire.

26. Watch the Henley Royal Regatta

An annual, and very famous, boat race on the Thames.

25. Go boating on the Thames

That's actually what this painting is called. "Boating on the Thames." I trust it's a lot more laid back than the Regatta, though.

24. Hunt for treasure in Rosslyn Chapel

But not really. It's said that the treasure of the Knights Templar is buried here, but they probably don't want you digging through the walls or prying up the floorboards.

23. Visit Glastonbury Abbey

Some say Glastonbury Abbey is where King Arthur was laid to rest.

22. Visit Giant's Causeway

The uniform basalt columns of Giants Causeway got that way due to volcanic activity.

21. Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge

Beginning, of course, with "What the heck is it?" and, "How did it get there?"

20. Go to Canterbury

Make a pilgrimage to Canterbury, of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales fame.

19. Visit a spa town

You could always visit a spa town, like Jane Austen's Bath.

18. See Downton Abbey

If you're a fan of the show you're sure to enjoy seeing the house itself in person.

17. Go to a museum

England is home to a multitude of museums for showing off its historical side, including the British Museum pictured above.

16. Take a scenic drive

Going for a relaxing drive through the Scottish Highlands on A82 towards Glencoe is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

15. Go horseback riding

England is a great place to go horseback riding, as former President Reagan could attest.

14. Hit the beach

Despite its reputation for grey and dreary weather, England has some gorgeous and fantastic beaches.

13. Take pictures of a famous garden

England is full of beautiful gardens, such as Sissinghurst Castle Garden pictured above.

12. Go hiking

England is home to many gorgeous footpaths for seasoned and beginning hikers alike.

11. Visit a historic pub

Even Britain's pubs, such as The Blue Bell in York, are historic.

10. Visit a tea house

Tea is the national drink of England, after all.

9. Annoy motorists at Abbey Road

This has to be the most infuriating thing ever for people living in London who need to drive across that crosswalk.

8. Go to a music festival

The Glastonbury festival, in particular. Who doesn't love camping outside and listening to great bands?

7. Go castle hopping

The British Isles, Wales in particular, are known for their gorgeous and historical castles. What a gorgeous place to write!

6. Drop by the Tower of London

The Tower of London has always seemed a bit eerie to me. It was widely used as a prison during the 16th and 17th centuries.

5. Visit Buckingham Palace

Of course, you can't go on vacation to England without going to Buckingham Palace. It's going to be the first place people will ask you about when you get back.

4. Visit Blue John cavern

There's something so enticing about nestling deep within the Earth between walls older than several generations of your family put together.

3. Ride on a horse drawn barge

England is one of the few places where you can still go for rides on a vessel as unique as a horse drawn barge.

2. Go bicycling

England has some fantastic biking routes for cyclists of all stripes, from children to beginners to advanced riders.

1. Visit the birthplace of Shakespeare

Visit the birthplace of the man responsible for quite a few English language slang words as we know them today, Stratford-upon-avon.

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