25 Mysterious And Terrifying Deaths

Every year we are witnesses of some really mysterious and unsolved deaths. Most of them stay like mysteries and there is no answer what really happened. Here is a list of some that are really terrifying.

25. Lake Bodom Murders

Four teenagers were attacked by an unknown individual. One of the kids survived, so the police thought that he is the killer.

24. Walker Family Murder

There were 600 possible suspects for killing the two children and their parents in Osprey, Florida.

23. Barbara and Patricia Grimes

It is considered like the biggest missing-persons hunts in the history of Chicago.

22. William Morris Bioff

The labor leader with organised-crime was killed by a bomb set under his car.

21. Train Accident 1949

Three people died when a train had been sabotaged. 20 arrested, but the creator is not found. This is one of the many train accident that remains unsolved.

20. Vampire Murder Case

Unknown assailant crushed the skull of a prostitute in her apartment in Stockholm.

19. St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Seven gangsters were killed in Chicago on February 14, 1929. No information about the killers, but there are rumors that this massacre was set by Al Capone.

18. Mary Rogers

Another unsolved murder from the 1800s. Inspiration for many authors to write about the beautiful cigar girl.

17. The Black Dahila

One of the most famous unsolved mystery of the Twentieth Century.

16. Kendrick Johnson

In January 2013, the teenager was found dead in a rolled-up gym mat. Is this an accident or unsolved crime.

15. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

Plane accident that stays unsolved. Almost a year after this plane "crashed" nothing was found. Basically the plane is still missing. Almost two hundred families are waiting for more evidence and truth about this plane mystery.

14. The Sodder Children

After the fire started on Christmas Eve, five children of the Sodder family were trapped in the fire flames. After the police investigation there were no evidence, bones or the bodies of the children. The family still think that their children were kidnapped.

13. Jack The Ripper

This ripper must be mentioned. After a century still there are not any information about this brutal killer who was inspiration for a lot of movies and books.

12. The Tylenol Killer

In the 1982, seven people died from Tylenol, which was laced with cyanide.

11. Jill Dando

The famous journalist was found shot in the head on April 26th 1999. Sixteen years later still no one knows who committed the crime.

10. The Circleville Writer

First started as a simple letter revealing private information about the residents of Circlevile. Ended with deaths of the persons involved in the letter, there is a story that the writer of the letter is the killer.

9. Daniel Morgan

The murder of the private investigator Daniel is one of the unsolved murderers in the UK police history.

8. Edgar Allan Poe

Because of his fame, the death of the author is very mysterious. All of the records from the hospital are missing, which brings a lot of theories of his death.

7. JonBenet Patricia Ramsey

The beauty queen was found murdered in the basement of her house in 1996. Still there is no some leads to tell who did this awful thing.

6. Dyatlow Pass Incident

In 1959, nine hikers were found dead in the Ural Mountains. Because there are no eye witnesses this is one of the mysterious and unexplained deaths.

5. The Lead Masks

4. The Tamam Shud Case

The secret code written on a piece of paper found in the trousers of the "Somertan Man" make this story mysterious. The words Tamam Shud were found written on the paper which on Persian means "finished".

3. Shannan Gilbert

In the late 2010, a serial killer appeared in the area of Long Island, but the death of Shannan look like something another. Last time she was seen she was running from someone or something. A few months later she was found death, everyone thought that in her hysteria she tripped and fell down.

2. Mitrice Richardson

After missing for a year, she was found dead in the Santa Monica Mountains. Her behavior was very strange in the period before her missing. What caused it, the marijuana, any other drugs or something else stll stay as a mystery.

1. Elisa Lam

This is the most mysterious death ever for sure. On February 19, 2013 Elisa Lam's body was found in a water tank above the Hotel Cecil, Los Angeles. It is very shocking because, she passed a lot of alarm doors to reach the water tank and none of them activate on the movement. In the video below we can see that minutes before her death, she is acting very weird in the hotel elevator which makes this story even more creepier.

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