24 Offensive Halloween Costumes

A modern and progressive society's mindset is that of understanding and respecting global cultures. The broad and intelligent mind knows how to differentiate between dark humor and offensive humor, hot outfits and inappropriate outfits, and cute attire and downright, wrong attire. However Halloween has a knack to make people turn blind to boundaries to have a laugh. Here are 24 costumes that you should not wear.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

24. Hot Satan

Women trying to look sexy on Halloween instead of scary is understandable. But promoting Satanism? Devil-may-care? Well someone should.

23. Sexy Rebel Nun

It is already inappropriate to use a kitten or Disney princess costume as an excuse to be overtly exposed and give sexual vibes. Specially if the gathering has people of ages. But dressing as a hot nun is disrespectful not only to Christians but to nuns and also Christianity as a religion.

22. Sexy Baby Cop

I have already rambled about inappropriately flirtatious costumes, but branding them on KIDS? What sort of sick parent would want their baby girl to look seductive?

21. Baby Cigarette

Really funny. So he's innocent and doesn't know what he's wearing so dad thought it would be funny to make him a cigarette. And show him off.

20. Zika Virus

Not so cool dressing up as a virus that deforms babies heads and decreases their life-spans. Do not wear unless you want to be cursed by an unfortunate parent.

19. HazMat Suit

Also not cool is? Wearing a HazMat suit specially in a time when Ebola is widespread and claiming lives of human beings. The line between insensitive and funny is growing thinner.

18. Ku Klux Klan

The KKK was symbol of white supremacy and racial killing in the South for decades. The clan was responsible for unjust and inhumane murder of masses. And if you want to dress like them you have an illness.

17. Pedophile or any Sex Offender

I wouldn't want my kids to be in the same city as this guy, let alone in visual distance. (That's when I have kids). This guy went to quite lengths of creativity coming up with all the content for his billboard. No credit for that though.

16. Killer Klown

People are still afraid that a colorful murderer will cross their path as it hasn't been long since the Killer Klown frenzy. The costume exhibits insensitivity too soon.

15. Geisha

Only recently this costume was heavily criticized on its offensive nature to the old Geisha and to Japanese culture. I guess people are deliberately becoming more of a tease. Even if you don't have Japanese or Asians in your immediate gathering, avoid heaving this up.

14. Fat Person

Now this is horrible. 80% of the American population is struggling with weight loss. Excellent idea to shove this as joke on their faces. It might be funny to loads of people, but in every group of 5 one person is reminded of his/her constant failure and is encouraged to hate him/herself. Is that really the change you want to be?

13. Racist Black

Seriously, dressing up like that immensely reflects on your IQ level. Actually any costume with black face paint reflects on your intelligence. It's 2017 folks. You're stuck in the stone age. And it wasn't a really an era cool people want to be in. Soo ditched.

12. Another Racist Black

I see you're really smart.

11. Racist Native American

Thank you for fueling stereotyping, classification of species like scientists do to animals, and racial profiling. Your efforts have definitely made a difference in the world.

10. Racist Mexican

Wow. It is beyond me how someone can have the audacity to dress up as a Mexican like Mexico is a far off, yet-to-be-discovered land of aliens.

9. Another Racist Mexican

Oh great. You too.

8. Jackie O. and John F. Kennedy

Red flag to patriots and humanists. This is the wrong way to personify a spectacularly brave woman and her dead husband, your President.

7. Hitler and Anne Frank

The image says it all.

6. Homeless Child Worker

The pathetic signboard pushed by this miserably dressed young child could have been iconic in theater portraying the sad situation of child labor. But this isn't. It isn't funny or cute either.

5. Anna-Rexia

A rather tactless portrayal of an eating disorder that has ruined the lives of so many young girls.

4. Pregnant Nun

First they dress as a sexy nun and then a pregnant nun? Blasphemous much?

3. Suicide Bomber

Modern humor is getting darker and darker. I admit even I laughed at this a little. But i wouldn't want to see this out and about amidst a million super sensitive and afraid people even if it is for laughs. And it would be unjustified to torture them this way.

2. Caitlyn Jenner

Okay we'll call you Caitlyn if you want us too. Just get rid of the hair.

1. Groper Trump

As intentionally offensive as it is to Trump, I am sort of glad this journalist wore this costume.

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