20 Orange Soda Brands That Fat Americans Can't Get Enough Of

America's state of obesity has reached at its highest after 2016, with 35% of adults and 17% of teens, obese. Nevertheless, America remains the most popular consumer market for sodas. Now, they should seriously stop, but they can't. Here are the top 20 orange soda brands that Americans are spot-on addicted to.

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ranked on January 22, 2017

20. Dr. Brown's

These lightly carbonated, fruity sodas are smooth, easy drinks for cooling off. Although since most children and teens have such a sweet tooth, the less amount of sugar (which is still in heaps by the way) is a little less attractive to them than adults.

19. Tropicana Twister

Slightly underwhelming, if your need is a kick-in-the-crotch, awakening fizz. But much favorable for orange juice lovers who are in need for some 'twist'.

18. Mountain Dew Kickstart

The 'kickstart' self-explains how this soda is an energy drink. While some have complained that the corn syrup added in it makes it too sweet to drink, this is exactly what our sugar-lovers want, to satiate their sweet-needs. I bid you guys good luck on your journey to eternal fatness.

17. Capt'n Eli's

Very tangy! Straight up fizz-to-kill taste. The combination of lemon and orange also gives it a slight citrus-y yellow-orange color instead of the traditional orange, but it sells just as well. And hey, it also has those undersea adventure labels!

16. Faygo

The typical creamy orange, corn-syrup-y taste that lurked in your mouth as kid cooling off at the beach with fake bottled lemonade is a prequel to this. Much love from kids and candy lovers as the predominating orange aroma is very candy like.

15. Jones Soda Mandarin Orange

This one's got no fake tastes of artificial sweeteners, or carrots, or syrups. It's your off-the-shelf, standard, orange fizzy drink with plenty of creative bottle labels too. If Americans don't buy it for the taste they easily buy it for the look.

14. Polar Orange Dry

Slightly high in price, this thirst-quencher is promised with a natural, concentrated orange content; and since it's the diet version it's also got artificial sweeteners. Most loyal Polar-ites enjoy it, claiming there's no taste of sweetener at all, while the angrier bunch complain about a sweet vanilla-ish aftertaste. Give it to your kid, then.

13. Tang

Hah! I remember this old adage along with my mom zapping open the tang bag, pouring sweet and sour orange powder in a glass before adding water. It used to be really refreshing but I've grown. Guess most Americans haven't yet.

12. Cactus Cooler

With a name as catchy as Cactus Cooler, your company is bound to earn plenty with initial sales alone, by people in search of hydration in the greenhouse-gas-affected-sunlight. But they did better, thanks to the number 1 consumers of this planet.

11. Jarritos

Hola Amigos! The best-selling Mexican drink in the US, introduced way back in the 1950s, is here with your favorite citric flavor.

10. Stewarts

It's a cream soda so you'd expect to become very nostalgic and rushed by the super-sweetness of it. Or you could be very bored with the velvet taste in your mouth that you can't get rid of.

9. Nesbitt

There was a time when none of the other orange soda brands were as popular as Nesbitt's Orange. Because they were original fruit producers, they also had the tree-hugging audience aimed as their target apart form the natural sweet-lovers. Maybe the boom didn't last, but a few years later today, it is still sold and loved by both alike

8. Orangette

Americans can't get enough of the ultimate orangeness of this orange soda drink. With great value for money, it is an easy choice for people wanting to satisfy thirst, taste, low-sugar level, as well as for cheapskates.

7. Slice

Pepsi replaced this product with Tropicana Twister, a product earlier on the list, but there was a reason why this drink still had to be mass-produced against its decision. It's what a mouth wants.

6. Sunkist

Sunkist's earns the proud reputation of being most people's go-to orange soda. It is equipped with a rich orange flavor that is still the highlight of your drink even after it's one with high carbonation.

5. Orange Crush

Crush is rather hard to find these days, but any American who has ever tasted it has testified just how perfectly authentic this drink is. I might not not agree with them on this, but several have even called it better than Fanta Orange. I mean are you kidding me?

4. Mountain Dew Livewire

For an orange soda drink the Limewire drink does lack a lot of orange in both taste and color. Still, it is one the highest consumed carbonated orange drink in the U.S. You have to give it to Mountain Dew, though, for coming up with the best names for their flavors. Limewire, Kickstart do sound jazzy, don't they?

3. Minute Made

All our moms have secretly married this drink at a certain stage in their motherhood.

2. Mirinda Orange

This will always, always be my first choice of drink to accompany any meal, favorably a spicy zinger with corn on the cob. Now I'm just fantasizing. But of course this only goes if there is no Fanta.

1. Fanta

Because I can enjoy this baby all on its own. Holla if you agree! Watch this up-beat Fanta commercial for kicks.

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