49 Richest People In The World

We're going to see people who are living the life with all the luxury world can provide, but that's not all, we'll see how much their wealth weighs too. In this list there are people from tech industry, modelling industry and much more, some of them are even richer from many countries combined.

49. Michael Otto & family

Real estate can be a risky business to undertake. So far it's working excellent for Michael Otto. So good he has $18.1 B.

48. Azim Premji

Software is a field where you can earn vast amount of money. This is the man who did that and now his wealth is $19.1 B, well that is a big number.

47. Michael Dell

You can buy one Dell laptop and it will last forever. Well this is the man behind those high quality computers, he deserves $19.2 B.

46. Dieter Schwarz

Lidl plus Kaufland plus Handelshof equals to $19.4 B, turns out that's the right formula for wealth.

45. Laurene Powell Jobs & family

Apple and Disney, we all know what they are. This woman is one of the people in charge of them. She's worth $19.5 B.

44. Dilip Shanghvi

Selling drugs for good is legal and can earn you a lot of money, something like $20 B.

43. Charles Ergen

Turns out selling satellite dishes can be a profitable business which can provide you $20.1 B.

42. Tadashi Yanai

The retail business made this man a wealthy guy who is worth $20.2 B.

41. Len Blavatnik

This man is in every business, in the oil industry, petrochemicals, coal, communications and even entertainment. Taking a shot in every industry floats him around the $20.2 B mark.

40. Leonardo Del Vecchio

This man's wealth comes from the glasses you might wear now. Maybe sounds funny but this man's wealth is $20.4 B.

39. Mukesh Ambani

Each time when you say petrochemicals, oil and gas you mean money, but a lot of money like $21 B.

38. Li Hejun

Selling equipment for renewable energy can be called "green business", but definitely earns you piles of "greens", to be more precise $21.1 B.

37. Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht Jr.

Having a lot of supermarkets earns you a lot of money, $21.3 B to be more precise.

36. Phil Knight

The shoes you wear when jogging, the shoes for going out, the shoes for playing football, the shoes for everything are called Nike and this man owns it and he weighs $21.5 B.

35. Steve Ballmer

Microsoft is not just Bill Gates, it's also Steve Ballmer and the software business is also known as "the money maker business", that is the reason this man weighs $21.5 B.

34. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud

When you invest in mass media, entertainment, petrochemicals, agriculture, aviation and much more you end up with wealth of $22.6 B.

33. Jack Ma

It turns out e-commerce can be a business which can provide a lot of money and when you say a lot you mean a lot, like $22.7 B.

32. Maria Franca Fissolo

Sweets are the most favorite food for kids, but also grown ups. When one person is buying it another one is earning. Those earnings turned out to be $23.4 B.

31. Carl Icahn

Investments in automotive indusrty, energy, gaming, real estate can be a source for a wealth which weighs $23.5 B.

30. Wang Jianlin

Real estates never lose their value and are right place for investments. Example for it is this man who weighs $24.2 B.

29. George Soros

This man is everywhere and he is investing in everything and has hedge funds with a lot of money, his wealth is $24.2 B.

28. Stefan Persson

Maybe you are wearing clothes from H&M or we can say from this guy who's wealth is $24.5 B.

27. Lee Shau Kee

We can see the real estate business is going up and is making more and more money, the proof is this man, who weighs $24.8 B.

26. Jorge Paulo Lemann

When you mix Brazil and Switzerland you get the 25th richest man in the world who's wealth weighs $25 B.

25. David Thomson

Media are known for their power and money, they can be machines for making money, $25.5 B seems a lot of money.

24. John Mars

Candy is both delicious and makes people happy, especially the people who own the company. This business made this man a wealth of $26.6 B.

23. Jacqueline Mars

This woman is one of the owners of the candy company which provided a wealth of $26.6 B.

22. Forrest Mars Jr

We have candy here, when someone say candy you smile, well this man has a reason to smile becasue candy made him $26.6 B rich.

21. Georg Schaeffler

The industry that makes the vehicles to move are moving this man's wealth upper and upper, and now he weighs $26.9 B.

20. Sergey Brin

Google says good morning to every person on earth and believe me that is a lot of people and when you have vast number of people using your product you have a lot of money, like $29.2 B.

19. Larry Page

This man's product is shared with his friend and everybody uses it, everyday, everytime and everywhere and that makes gigantic piles of money, piles which worth $29.7 B.

18. Sheldon Adelson

Gambling, fun, music, money and the statement "everybody loses except the casino". Like it or not that's the truth and this game made this guy a wealth of $31.4 B.

17. Li Ka-shing

When you have businesses in the heavy industry, in retail, in the infrastructure, the oil industry, telecommunications you weigh a lot, to be more precise $33.3 B.

16. Mark Zuckerberg

Everybody uses it, for texting, sharing pictures, videos, lifetime vacations and much more. When you are the owner of business like that you earn a lot, a lot like $33.4 B.

15. Jeff Bezos

This man provided that what everybody wanted, shopping through internet, this man made that a real thing and everybody uses it, even the granparents knows what Amazon is. The man who is behind it is worth $34.8 B.

14. Michael Bloomberg

Everybody knows him like the first man of New York, well when you are the major of New York and you have a big company your wealth weighs $35.5 B.

13. Bernard Arnault

When you make high quality products for people with a lot of money, you sell them with high prices and you earn a lot of money, $37.2 B to be more precise.

12. S. Robson Walton

This markets are famous for the fights on black friday, but they are making money through the whole year, and made this man's wealth to weigh $39.1 B.

11. Alice Walton

Here we have the woman behind the markets spread all over America which are providing goods for the people and making bunch of money, $39.4 B sounds a lot.

10. Liliane Bettencourt

The beauty was always number one for the girls and this woman knows that and she succeeded in the idea of making money from that, she made $40.1 B.

9. Jim Walton

Shopping stores all over the counrty is big business to deal with. The tough job can make your wealth worth $40.6 B.

8. Christy Walton

The goods required from the people are provided from this famous markets which are real money making machine. They made this woman wealth to weigh $41.7 B.

7. David Koch

His portfolio is quite extensive covering various types of businesses in several industries. Over the years he accumulated a staggering $42.9 B.

6. Charles Koch

Companies in many segments can be a tough job to do, but it will make you a lot of money, like $42.9 B.

5. Larry Ellison

Every product which is used by vast number of people is making a lot of money and this is the example for it. This man's wealth is $54.3 B.

4. Amancio Ortega

The girls and the men, both are wearing this famous brand. The exclusiveness of it's products made this man wealth to be $64.5 B.

3. Warren Buffett

Many companies in many areas means a lot of money and this man knows how to deal with that. His wealth weighs $72.7 B.

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2. Carlos Slim Helu

Everytime you answer the phone this guy makes money and when a lot of people say "hello" this guy makes a lot of money, to be precise $77.1 B.

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1. Bill Gates

The first place goes to the man who made the platform for every computer on this earth. And his wealth weighs $79.2 B.

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