30 Tallest Skyscrapers In The World

The Petronas Twin Towers being the tallest man-made structure in the world is already quite a thing of the distant past. Below is an updated list of the most towering buildings anyone could ever see on the face of the planet. The aforementioned skyscraper is still in it, though.

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ranked on July 1, 2015

30. Bank of China Tower

Gosh, what a gorge structure! It stands 367 m (1, 205 ft), and it sure has lots of money inside of it. This also resides in Hong Kong.

29. Central Plaza

Hong Kong surely knows how to build skyscrapers. Ayt? It stands 374 m (1, 227 ft), and has 78 storeys.

28. Elite Residence

It wouldn't be called "elite" if it really wasn't. It is located in the majestic Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it stands a decent 380.5 m (1, 247 ft). There is a business center in there, as well as spas and swimming pools!

27. Empire State Building

This is situated in the upscale Midtown Manhattan, New York, and, yes, almost everyone in the world already heard about it. It possesses the mighty height of 381 m (1, 250 ft). It is known for its Art Deco design.

26. Burj Muhammed bin Rashid

It is comprised of two Marriott hotels and two shopping malls. It stands 381 m (1, 251 ft), and can be found in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

25. Dalian Eton Center

Another Chinese representative right here! It stands 384 m (1, 257 ft).

24. Shun Hing Square

It stands 384 m (1,260 ft), and resides in Guangdong China. Folks have nicknamed this "Diwang Building".

23. Capital Market Authority Headquarters

As you could see, this skysail from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is still in the works. It is expected to tower at 385 m (1, 263 ft).

22. CITIC Plaza

If spelled out, it's called China International Trust and Investment Plaza. It stands 391 m (1, 283 ft) off of the ground, and is composed of 38 storeys. It resides in Guangzhou, China.

21. 23 Marina

What's really interesting about this is that it's gotten 57 swimming pools you could dive into. It stands 392.8 m (1, 289 ft).

20. International Finance Center

This gorgeous building reaches 412 m (1, 352 ft). You can find this in the Central District of Hong Kong.

19. Al Hamra Tower

Kuwait's pride it is--mightily stands at 413 m (1, 354 ft). This actually made it to 'TIME' magazine's list of best inventions for the year 2011. And, we couldn't agree more.

18. Princess Tower

Representing Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this stands 414 m (1, 358 ft). You better check this one out in person if you want an awesome experience.

17. Jin Mao Tower

This 121-storey skyscraper in Shanghai, China has office spaces and a huge shopping mall. It also houses the Grand Hyatt Shanghai hotel. The height measures 421 m (1, 380 ft).

16. Trump International Hotel and Tower

It is owned by the ever controversial business mogul Donald Trump. The height is some whopping 423 m (1, 389 ft). Located in Illinois, U.S.A., the building is described as a condo-hotel.

15. 432 Park Avenue

Still in the process, but once finished this very year, this New York-er will stand 426 m (1, 397 ft). It will be composed of 104 condominium units. Just wondering what anyone residing at the top floor would feel.

14. Marina 101

It would look exactly like that thing in the picture once it opened some time this year. It's expected to reach 427 m (1, 399 ft), and will have 101 floors, thus the namesake-dness. There'd be a Hard Rock hotel right here!

13. Guangzhou International Finance Center

Because it's a finance center, there's got to be a lot "gold bars" in here. No brainer. It stands 440 m (1, 440 ft).

12. KK100

The entrance alone is a killer. What more the height--441.8 m (1, 449 ft). It can be found in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

11. Willis Tower

Some still refer to this as the "Sears Tower". It is located in Chicago, Illinois in the U.S., and its height screams 442 m (1, 450) feet. FYI, the United Airlines lives here.

10. Zifeng Tower

The 89 floors house restaurants and offices, as well as a hotel. Somewhere at the very top of this 450-m (1, 476-ft) building is a public observatory--sweet!

9. Petronas Towers

As we all know, they are twins. They both stand 452 m (1, 483 ft) above the ground. Looking like two mighty knights guarding Taiwan, eh?

8. International Commerce Center

The highest building in Hong Kong, gals and gents. It goes up there at a breathtaking 484 m (1, 588 ft).

7. Shanghai World Financial Center

It stands 492 m (1, 614 ft), and has conference areas, offices and hotel rooms inside. There's a also a ground floor shopping mall. Address: China.

6. Taipei 101

Such a beauty at night! The height is 509 m (1,670 ft). It has 101 storeys... plus the five underground floors that absolutely make you a little nosy at the moment. By the way, the address obviously says Taiwan.

5. CTF Finance Center

This Chinese structure is yet to be finished, but will already be open for the public come 2016. It will have 111 storeys, which will house offices and conference centers, as well as a mall and a hotel. It stands 530 m (1,740 ft).

4. One World Trade Center

Start spreading the news... this New York-native of a skyscraper stands a stunning 541.3 m (1,776 ft). It is composed of 94 storeys, yet equals 104 floors. Some also call it the "Freedom Tower".

3. Abraj Al Bait

Located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, this building's height measures 601 m (1, 972 ft). It has a super massive worship room, as well as a five-star hotel. That huge clock looks magnificent, doesn't it?

2. Shanghai Tower

This skysail from China is still under construction, but it is expected to reach 632 m (2, 073 ft). It will have some 128 storeys of office and entertainment zones.

1. Burj Khalifa

Whoa, look at that! It already touches the heavens. It's located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it goes as high as 828 m (2, 722 ft). As of this writing, nothing beats this.

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