20 Terms Like Cishet White Male That You Need To Know The Meaning Of

Not knowing the meanings of some terms like cishet white male could lead to trouble! Some say they are just words and how can words get you in trouble? After reading this you will understand how!

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ranked on January 22, 2017

20. Flummox

Flummox means to confuse someone a lot. Many people walk abound being flummoxed. Many are like that for years.

19. Sinecure

Sinecure is a position in which someone does little or no work but gets paid. That's a position we would all like to work!

18. Yerd

Yerd means to beat with a stick. Thank God I've never been yerdded.

17. Fample

Fample means to feed a child. There are a lot of happy children because of the famplers in the world.

16. Wallydrag

Wallydrag is a completely useless person. I've known quite a few wallydrags.

15. Nazzard

Nazzard is someone that is weak. I've been a nazzard all my life. Too late to try to change that now probably because I'm a nazzard.

14. Onygophagist

Onygophagists are people who bite his/her nails. I just found out I'm an onygophagist and it makes me afraid that I'll get nervous and I'll worry that I'll bite them more!

13. Labrose

Labrose is being thick-lipped. Lots of women are labrose. Many women have had Botox injected into their lips so they will have fuller lips.

12. Zoolatry

Zoolatry is the worship of animals. When animals look like this sweet puppy you can understand why some people partake in Zoolatry.

11. Oenophile

Oenophile means a person who likes wine. Wasn't a person like that called a wino. It makes you wonder!

10. Crurophilous

Crurophilous is liking legs. Most men like legs. Some men love them!

9. Coprolalomaniac

Coprolalomaniac is someone who uses foul language compulsively.

8. Gash-gabbit

Gash-gabbit is having a protruding chin. Jay Leno is a famous person who has a gash-gabbit.

7. Hircine

Hircine is something that smells like a goat. You can almost smell this goat just by looking at him.

6. Glabella

Glabella is the space between the eyebrows. From the looks of this photo, it appears someone is expecting an unibrow soon! I guess once it is a unibrow it won't be a glabella anymore.

5. Callipygous

Callipygous means to have beautiful buttocks. The elephants in this photo have callipygous. JLo and Kim Kardashian are two ladies who have very famous callipygous.

4. Steatopygous

Steatopygous means to have a large amount of fat on your butt.

3. Hircismus

Hope you don't have hircismus when you are in your yoga class. The meaning of hircismus is an offensive armpit odor and nobody wants to have that around. Ick!

2. Bescumer

Bescumber means to spray with poo. So be careful don't make someone so angry that they spray you with poo.

1. Cishet White Male

Cishet is a person that identifies as the sex he/she was born as and he/she is attracted to the opposite sex. So a cishet white male is a white male that was born a male and is attracted to women. However, cishet is often used as a derogatory term so be careful who you call cishet.

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