20 Weirdest Tattoos

People make some very weird decisions sometimes. And some of those bad decisions can last a lifetime. We're betting that the people on this list have shook their heads quite a few times at these crazy, weird tattoos that they've gotten.

20. I Am Watching You

It will be very uncomfortable sitting or walking behind this guy for any period of time. It’s already strange enough to have a pair of eyes behind your head but why such a freaky design? I recommend wearing sunglasses.

19. Patrick/Zoidberg Head

Spongebob where’s the rest of my body? This Patrick/Zoidberg hybrid doesn’t seem too happy being to this woman’s feet. He seems rather confused as to how he got there in the first place. Don’t worry Patrick you’re gonna be fine.

18. Pinhead

Yes we know the best way to remember something is by writing it down. However, this guy went to extreme lengths. Hey Drew I hope you don’t change your bowling days or else someone’s gonna need a new tattoo.

17. Pizza Lover

I love pizza! Sausage, cheese and pepperoni you name it we love it. We love it so much that we ink it on our skin. Now everyone will know how we feel about pizza.

16. The Love of Converse

We all express our love of shoes in different ways. For this guy it’s tattooing the show onto his feet. That may seem weird to others but to him it’s an expression of his love for converse.

15. Taste The Rainbow

The subtle meaning behind this is that you don’t always choose who you love. Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes dolphins can meet unicorns and live happily ever after. The end. I still have questions though but I ain’t judging.

14. IV Fluid

It’s a true saying- you are what you eat so I guess the same goes for drink. So you are what you drink. However his intake is on a whole different level. Talk about getting it in.

13. Beautiful Lady Bits

I salute all the ladies who feel this way. This is a strong message to all those who think that their womanly parts are not beautiful. You should start thinking otherwise. Lady part lovers I salute thee.

12. Headless Father

If my father suddenly came home one day with his neck chopped off half way I know I would faint. But my mother she would love him anyway. Neck or no neck that is the man she loves.

11. Big Mouthed Guy

You know they say that the people with the biggest mouth tend to talk the most and not keep secrets. I would not want him as a friend he would spill all my deepest darkest secrets.

10. Bony Feet

This is as close as I would want to get to his feet. I don’t even like seeing my own bones and flesh torn apart like that so I don’t want to see his. Far away I shall stay.

9. Seafood Diet

Wow Ariel you really let yourself go there. Well at least this guy isn’t afraid to show you off on his shoulders. Goes to show beauty isn’t really skin deep. We love you Ariel. You are still our favorite mermaid.

8. Closed Minded

Let’s be a little open minded about this one okay. Let’s just take a little peek to see what we can discover. On second thought, nah we’re good. We wouldn’t want him losing his mind now would we?

7. Fiery Heart

This heart is definitely not cold, it is quite the opposite. I would love to meet the guy who turn this lovely lady’s heart on fire. He must be quite the lady’s man charming her with his romantic words.

6. Less is More

Try this on for size. It is very creative indeed I wonder if it comes in my size as well. The nipples were a clear giveaway though. I sure hope he doesn’t draw pants as well.

5. Spider Man

Meet Peter Parker in real life. So it wasn’t just a movie? It was real?! I feel safer already. Villains beware because spider man is near. Don’t try to fight it because you’ll surely be beat.

4. Say Ahhh

This is the longest that I’ve stared at anyone’s tongue. That’s because before I never had a reason to……until now. I am still trying to figure out what is there. More so I’m wondering how painful that must have been.

3. Singing Cheeseburger

Don’t believe in singing food? What about a singing cheeseburger? Don’t believe it? You had better. I think he’s singing opera here and doing a very good job at it too by the looks of it.

2. Sp”eye”ders

He definitely loves the creepy crawlers. But seriously why the face though? Maybe he is channeling those spider senses to his eye. I hope he doesn’t bump into someone who suffers from arachnophobia. That won’t be a pretty sight.

1. McDonald’s Receipt

I don’t know why anyone would print a receipt on their arm. This receipt was probably needed to serve as a reminder of an awesome day. Why would someone print a receipt on their arm? The world may never know.

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